The Marketing Process

Step One

Market Research

The most important part of the process is for us to understand who your market is, who your competitors are, and what products and services you are selling. After we understand your target market and your products and services, we need to create a list of keyword phrases to market.

Step Two

Modify or Create Web Site

Once we understand who we are marketing to and the keywords we are marketing, we need to modify your web site so search engines will index the web site for those words. This is done by optimizing a number of features. If the web site is not created, we can create a new web site for you. We can also redesign existing web sites.
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Step Three

Integrate Analytics and Tracking

Before we start marketing the web site, we will install Google analytics and integrate the web site with our software. This will allow us to track the campaign and success as we move forward with the marketing. This will allow to track the number of times forms are completed, sales are made, and phone calls are made (if applicable).

Step Four

Marketing Launch

It's time to promote your web site to the world. Through email marketing plans, search engine marketing, and pay per click advertising, we will dive thousands of people to your web site which will increase leads business, and sales.

Step Five

Monthly Reporting

Once the campaign starts, we will track the keyword position as well as traffic automated reports every month and quarterly analysis with a marketing manager to go over the status of the campaign and recommendations for moving forward. You will also have 24/7 access to see your reports.


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